What are Wafer Brooms?

A wafer is a round, thin piece of something, and a broom is a set of bristles used for sweeping. In street sweeping, wafer brooms work for a variety of cleaning and construction jobs. Road resurfacing and runway sweeping are some of the jobs. These popular brushes get used the most by commercial street sweepers. Wafer broom brushes have a segmented design that allows for easy replacement. That enhances their adaptability. There are many colors, styles, and material choices to choose from. Some get crafted of polypropylene bristles, which are thermoplastic polymer, like plastic.

3 Kinds of Street Sweeping Brooms

1. Main, or tube brooms are one large cylinder that is all one piece. These can be convenient as a attachment that can fit on to a tractor. The Challenger 1 sweeper attachment is an example of one. They are sometimes located in the front of the machine or vehicle.

2. Gutter the front two that you sometimes see in large street sweepers. It is for getting into the gutters of the streets. You can notice it towards the front of the machine or vehicle. They protrude out to the sides and look like discs pointed downward.

Street Sweeper - Wafer Brooms Usage - Smith Equipment - Lakeland Florida

3. Wafer brooms are the many circles that make up the back part of sweeper brush. The many circles work like a giant tube broom. Shipping is much more efficient as the pieces are more compact and convenient.

Types of Wafer Broom Brushes

There are two main types, flat and convoluted. Flat ones can go on the ends of the bar, holding the convoluted type between. The convoluted type get installed counter clockwise on a bar to fill up the space. They have has bristle filaments at different angles. This gives the broom an added effectiveness in sweeping away debris. Convoluted wafer broom brushes can go by “spacer-less wafers” too. Most wafer brushes have a 10 inch inner diameter. 8 inch and 6⅜ inch inner core sizes are also available. Most wafer brushes uses an outer diameter between 30 and 40 inches long width.

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