Equipment We Supply: Paladin

  At Smith Equipment we have the joy of supplying brushes top-rated machines. Some brushes we sell are Paladin Attachments. A company that has helped paved the way in brush attachments, Paladin is an all American company that we are … Read More

Equipment We Supply: John Deere

  At Smith Equipment we have the joy of supplying brushes top-rated machines. Some brushes we sell are John Deere Brushes. Perhaps one of the best know companies in heavy machinery in the world, John Deere is an all American company … Read More

Custom John Deere Attachments by Smith Equipment

You’ve heard the expression “nothing runs like a deere” in reference to the well-known company John Deere. Well with Smith Equipment’s custom John Deere attachments, you can truly experience this phase to it’s full potential. Since their founding in 1837, … Read More

Custom Bobcat Attachments by Smith Equipment

Looking for Bobcat attachments for your tractors, skid steer loaders, or even custom wafer brushes? Look no further, Smith Equipment can outfit your machines with whatever you need! Bobcat Attachments   Perhaps the most popular name in the business, Bobcat … Read More

Strip Brushes and Broom Segments

Strip brushes are  known for being the workhorse of the industry! They are a dynamic sweeping brush that can handle a wide range of jobs like cleaning, sanding, polishing, shielding, blocking, product guiding, splash gaurs, deburring, and static control. As … Read More

Clean up with the Walk Behind Sweeper!

Keeping up with the street appeal of your businesses is so important when it comes commercial and retail properties. Our walk behind sweeper is perfect for maintaining your entrances free of debris! The Walk Behind sweeper, formerly known as WB-36, … Read More

Gutter Brooms for Sweepers

Looking for a replacement gutter broom? We carry an assortment of gutter brooms from the 6 segment Elgin’s to the 12 Segment SureGrip Clip-on blocks.When looking for Gutter Brooms, it’s important to be educated on the materials the products you … Read More

Challenger 1 – Heavy Duty Angle Brush

THE CHALLENGER 1 FRONT MOUNTED SWEEPER ATTACHEMENT   The Challenger 1 is hydraulically powered and electrically controlled. The sweeper’s heavy duty design allows it to withstand the toughest conditions and harshest climates. It’s heavy duty construction is perfect for a wide … Read More

Custom Made Cylinder Brushes

Get a FREE Quote for your custom brushes today!FREE Brush Quote Cylinder Brushes For Industrial Electronics, Maintenance, and Conveyor Cleaning Smith Equipment has been manufacturing industrial and commercial brushes since 1965. With over 50 years of experience, you can trust … Read More

New Sweeper Attachments

New Holland’s Best Sweeper Attachment A heavy duty front mounted sweeper for any application We have a new addition to our family! It’s not a boy, or a girl. It’s a sweeper! New Holland tractors are now fully compatible with … Read More

Sweeper Attachments Under Construction

We Build Sweeper Attachments for Any Brand Sweeper attachment construction is in full swing at Smith Equipment. Thanks to our patrons, we’ve been growing our presence in the sweeper attachment industry since 1988. Even the U.S. Military decided to use … Read More

Good Sweepers and Happy Customers

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Testimonial from Kelly Tractor Kelly Tractor – Sweeper Brushes and Brooms There’s no sweeper order to big or too small for Smith Equipment. We work with our global vendors every day to ensure out international customers and distributors get the … Read More

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