Smith Equipment Customizes Wafer Brooms for Municipalities

Municipalities are governments of a city or town with corporate status. They are responsible for keeping the streets clean in their area. With such a large area to be responsible for, they will have heavy duty needs and the best equipment they can get. If we don’t have it, we’ll make it. Guaranteed!

Choosing your broom

When customizing your wafer brooms, you have a few different choices for filaments. First there is the plastic bristled broom for more delicate surfaces. You may not want scratches and left behind fragments that a metal filament may leave behind. Next is the all metal choice. This may be best for those surfaces that can take a more cutting and abrasive cleaning. The last choice, a mix of both, can be best for road resurfacing and construction jobs.

Wafer Brooms | Smith Equipment | Lakeland Florida


Check out our wafer broom selection page here. Start by finding your vehicle. We have Bobcat to Sweepster and many other popular named brand sweeper models. Then, you will want to make sure that you have the correct measurements. Start with the set of wafer brooms, flat or convoluted, then the diameter of the inside and outside. If the broom you need is not there, contact us for a quote! Our machine and shops allow us to specialize any broom core for any sweeper. Give us your measurements and we’ll ensure your brooms get made to your exacting specifications.

Smith Equipment

We’ve been manufacturing sweeper brushes and tube brooms for over 50 years. Founded by James Smith in 1965, the Smith family has become a sweeper brush power house in the south east.