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Equipment We Supply: Laymor Brushes - Smith Equipment


At Smith Equipment we have the joy of supplying brushes top-rated machines. Some brushes we sell are Laymor Brushes. A company that has helped paved the way in brush attachments, Laymor is an all American company that we are happy to sell brush attachments of. Here is more about the company…


Equipment We Supply: Laymor Brushes - Smith EquipmentFounding


The origins of Laymor began back in 1977 when The Versa Sweeper was born in Seguin, Texas. The SweepMaster has enjoyed many revisions and updates since its inception. From the SweepMaster 2, SweepMaster B, and now the SweepMaster 400, the powerful SweepMaster has been the machine of choice in the milling & paving industry.



Laymor Today


Today Laymor offers a wide variety of sweepers for the rental and paving industries, including the Sweepmaster 300, and Sweepmaster 450. They pride themselves on their mission of proving their customers with high-quality sweeping products, along with great customer service, at a reasonable price.


Equipment We Supply: Laymor Brushes - Smith EquipmentGet the Best Out of Your Machines with Laymor Brushes


We have the amazing opportunity everyday to help you maximize all you can out of your Laymor equipment with our state-of-the-art brush attachments. We promise that our brushes will help you get the job done, whatever the job may be. Smith Equipment and Laymor go hand-in-hand to help you be successful in whatever your land needs are. Pick up the brushes you need for your Laymor machinery today!