5 Reasons Brush Manufacturing is Coming Back to the USA

It’s official, there are more products everyday with stickers that say made in the USA. Factories in America are more and more capable of manufacturing product on this side of the world more than ever before. One of those products are industrial brushes for machines like vacuum brushes and snow sweeps and so on.

It’s exciting now that customers are able to support their communities and purchase a product that was manufactured in the country they love so dearly. Here are 5 reasons why more brushes are being manufactured in America.

Brush Manufacturing is Coming Back to the USA - Smith Equipment

Great Quality

People want to invest in brushes they know will last overtime. Sometimes brushes from overseas are made with cheaper materials and naturally deteriorate as time goes on. Brushes made in America are more than likely made with great materials that will withstand the natural wear and tear of everyday use.

Faster Delivery Times

People hate waiting forever for their products. Its inevitable to not have to wait a considerable amount of time when waiting for a product to ship from overseas. When brushes can be made on the same soil where someone lives, it significantly cuts down on the amount of time someone has to wait for their product. The less time someone has to wait, the more likely they will become a returning customer.

More in Stock

It’s difficult to have a lot of product in stock when you are at the mercy of an offshore manufacturing company. If brushes are coming from other countries and are in high demand, you run into the possibility of not being able to serve all your customers. Manufacturing brushes in the USA allows for there to be more product on the shelves for customers to reach for.

Brush Manufacturing is Coming Back to the USA - Smith Equipment


It’s easier to communicate with customers when the brushes are being manufactured in America. Despite the fact that there are four major timezones in America, up 4 hours of a time difference is a big contrast to 16 hours of a time difference. This makes communicating over the phone much easier which leads to happier customers who are able to stay in the loop on their orders.

Similar in Pricing

Some may argue that manufacturing offshore is more cost effective to a business. This isn’t necessarily true. Pricing for manufacturing in the USA is just as competitive as it is in America. Plus you aren’t having to pay an arm and a leg for shipping!

Order Brushes That Are Made in the USA!

With American made brushes being more readily available for purchase, why wouldn’t you want to support local or American business by using these brushes. There are so many advantages to these brushes you won’t ever look into overseas manufacturing again. We have made in the USA brushes a right here at Smith Equipment! Call today to set up an order!